[Haiku] Guards in Oblivion

2022.01.26 14:32 house_of_ghosts [Haiku] Guards in Oblivion

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2022.01.26 14:32 AlchemistKats Apparently some girl’s nudes got leaked at school again and my “friend” told me he doesn’t feel bad about bullying some poor dude, quote: “We didn’t go too far, we helped him get closer to God”

I don’t know how to process this shit. I’m genuinely debating on beating my friend’s face in. He deserves it, right? Him and his “gang” literally bullied a kid to the point of smacking him against walls and tying his hands up! They even stole my shit for a while.. Man I feel sick, I feel like I’m going to vomit any moment now…
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2022.01.26 14:31 Fluffy_CZ Sun melting ice at parking lot

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2022.01.26 14:31 RefriDiet Well, apparently the changes in Sterak will really nerf this high elo build

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2022.01.26 14:31 Rocket-man-go-BOOM 06 Uppland lite knubbig letar hård hänt och degrederande top är oskuld

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2022.01.26 14:31 Eilferan [US-CA] [H] PayPal [W] SP 111 PCB

WTB SP-111 PCB stock, millmaxed, or desoldered. Any condition except broken. I will consider buying built depending what is soldered on it.
Please comment before PM.
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2022.01.26 14:31 DozyVan To people who want faster rc training methods.

I am totally on board with the idea of faster training methods for skills. Disclosure am 800k xp away from 99 rc myself. My only request is to not make the best xp a minigame.
I think people don't quite realise how much of a buff rc has and is getting. The new rc outfit + new pouch + dayalt essence will be massive xp/h boost compared to normal rates at zmi.
I feel people's pain that lavas are best xp/h and I am totally for a new method to come in to further xp rates for more attention grabbing content. Just don't try and push for a mini game to be the answer. I dont think we want a rctodt.
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2022.01.26 14:31 Gold_Overtone Help! I bought these monsteras online. They seem to have a bit of root rot. The seller was also supposed to ship two day, with a 72 hour heatpack but didn’t. Now there is cold damage.

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2022.01.26 14:31 dartboard324 Girlfriend and I had doubts we were a good fit when we started dating

Me (36M) and my girlfriend (36F) have just admitted to each other we both had doubts that we were a good fit when we first started dating. We haven’t yet gone into specifics about what those doubts were. For me I was a bit concerned that our senses of humour didn’t quite line up, and that we had a few uncomfortable silences from time to time. I’m fine with both of these now - silences don’t feel awkward and there’s some stuff we laugh at together, though not everything. I’m also a very anxious person, who often worries about whether or not a relationship is right or working, constantly looking for signs of validation/concern. I know we need to talk to properly each other about our previous doubts, but until we manage that should I be concerned that this could put an end to the relationship?
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2022.01.26 14:31 nyurkin What's the difference between Jesus and a picture of Jesus?

It only takes one nail to hang a picture.
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2022.01.26 14:31 Several_Edge6587 Gummies???

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2022.01.26 14:31 Cynical_Warlock 'Eternals' Spoiler-Free Review

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2022.01.26 14:31 MVTHOLST Girlfriend hit her head on ski vacation

Hi everyone,
My girlfriend (21f) just had a crash about three hours ago on our ski vacation where she hit her head quite bad on the slope. At the moment of impact she felt that everything went black just for a second. She feels her head has been pounding since impact, and it hurts when there are any sudden movements (e.g. when driving the car over a bump on the road).
When we got home, she took some aspirin, and is now sleeping. Is there anything I can do to make her feel better? Is it likely she requires medical attention? Thanks
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2022.01.26 14:31 NoFap-ssi 90 days no fap and 100 days no fap...

I'm here with this and wish you all the best. I'm trying to get better at No Fap.
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2022.01.26 14:31 mattlevonian 32 - Shadow Point

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2022.01.26 14:31 Shaksalas Kaip manot koks antonimas pagal reikšmę būtų teiginiui “neprivalai nemeluoti” ?

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2022.01.26 14:31 Cocacolagoat WAY TOO IN-DEPTH GUIDE TO LEARNING THE PIANO

Hi, I'm just a self-taught pianist who's willing to share tips on how to learn the piano without getting a piano tutor or having to go to music school based on my self-taught journey.
However daunting it may seem, learn a difficult song. I assume the song you want to learn is difficult given that you are finding tips to get better. That's good, and it's the right mindset to have if you want to really improve exponentially. If the song you want to play has a tutorial on Youtube through Synthesia(falling keys visual software), that's great! It's what I mainly use to learn pieces I enjoy since I don't know how to sight read.
So I've got the materials needed to start learning, what next? Start practicing.
Play the video, pause, play the notes on the screen until you got the muscle memory ingrained into your hands and fingers, move on to the next 2-3 seconds of the video, pause and repeat until you learned the entire piece.
I'm stuck at a certain section, what do I do?
Make sure you have all the basic techniques down:
1.Straight posture and comfortable sitting position,
2.Hands and fingers loosened(Stiffness may be a result of nervousness and absence of confidence. Have a mindset that you might be piano prodigy),
3.Fingering (assigning which finger to play which note for easier navigation and efficient playing on the piano, similar to typing on the keyboard.),
4.Octaves,chords, arpeggios (Pretty much are all under fingering.)
Octaves: Memorize distance between thumb and pinky when playing your first octave for white notes, for black notes use thumb and ring finger. Afterwards with that spread-out hand focus on your thumb as it is more within range of your field of vision compared to looking at your pinky when aiming at the first note of an octave. Pinky will land on the last note automatically if you memorized the distance correctly.
Chords: RIGHT HAND - I use fingers 1235 to play c major CEGC and 1245 to play CEAC. Fingers 3 and 4 vary depending on the spacing of the keys in the chord. Distance between E key and A key is larger than E to G hence I use finger 4 to play the A key as using finger 3 to reach A key is more awkward/difficult. Golden rule is if there are 2 white notes spacing, I use fingers 2 and 4. If only 1 white note spacing, then use fingers 2 and 3.
LEFT HAND - Simply the reverse of right hand. 5321 to play CEGC and 5421 to play CEAC.
So when trying to play a chord you should be thinking: "Okay so thumb here.. index and middle fingering finger here.. and pinky here. Nice, too easy!"
Arpeggios: Watch a Youtube video on how to play them. If not, it is a String of broken chords played individually with the LEFT hand often at a medium to fast pace to compliment the right hand. Follow same fingering for the chord that will be played as an arpeggio. E.g C,E,G,C(fingers 5321). A more realistic example would be C,E,G,C,E,G,C(5321321) going to the right of the piano. This would involve turning your wrist to the right with your thumb tucked in and fingers over-arching, with fingers 3 and 2 prepping to land on E and G respectively, where once finger 3 lands, finger 1 at the same time comes out ready to land on the final C, all in a very refined and smooth motion. This should be quite natural as it is impossible, if not very awkward and uncomfortable for finger 2 to play G while finger 1 is still tucked under.
5.Pedaling( Manual drivers out there, this should be easier for you to grasp. Play a note, immediately step on the right pedal, release the key, the note sustains its sound. Without the sustain pedal your playing would sound as choppy as chopsticks and flow of your piece will be lost unless the piece is meant to be played that staccato way in certain sections),
6.Strength control(Able to play loud/softly at will. Hands always relaxed, use weight of your arm to help when playing loudly. The exaggerated hand/arm movement you see professionals do really helps to control volume. It releases tension, sets the mood of how the piece should be played, improves focus and makes playing more fun and engaging)
7.Playing with 2 Hands: Make a mental note of which notes are played together on the right hand and left hand. E.g LEFT:C,E,G,C,E,G,C. RIGHT: C,E,G. Let's say 1st C on left and right hands are played together, and then E,G on the left are played individually. Then 2nd C on left hand is played together with E on the right hand, then G is played individually on the left, and finally 3rd C on left and G on right are played together. Speed this sequence up and you find yourself playing with 2 hands decently. Being conscious of and identifying which notes are played together on both hands and which aren't will start to instill a sense of rhythm as you play more.
Once you have a good application of these techniques, use:
Slow practice, the most standard approach to learn a difficult section (Slow practice refers to playing each individual note at an extremely slow pace where it is impossible for you to make a mistake and then gradually increasing the speed at a comfortable and moderate pace where you can continue playing perfectly till reaching the actual playing speed of the piece.) Watch a Youtube video on it for more in- depth application.
The key to drastic improvement is always feeling challenged and putting in your best effort when practicing, especially when increasing the speed of your playing during slow practice. Feel the adrenalin rush when challenging yourself to play a difficult section at a fast pace. How should you feel when practicing at varying paces : Ridiculously slow(Nice, I can get familiar with the keys and fingering comfortably yay), very slow( Getting more familiar and still very playable, nice!) , slow( playing each key is still crystal clear in my mind, aiming at each key is still consistent *nods in own self approval*), moderate (Still manageable but i definitely need to keep my focus, heheh things are getting interesting), moderately fast(alright I'm feeling the adrenalin rush, I'm confident that I'm improving for sure and I'm looking forward towards the faster speeds), fast( Feeling pumped! I got this!) Actual speed( LET'S GOOOOO! I DID IT!) Remember if you repeatedly mess up at too fast a speed, slow it down! And try not to jump to a speed too fast, gradually by small increments up the speed.
You should be feeling proud and confident when practicing every time you play a section right, especially a difficult one and keep continuing to challenge yourself. With this hyped up feeling, your piano reflexes will improve enormously
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2022.01.26 14:31 ThrowawaySaladBoy At what point is prediabetes incurable?

I've been doing alot of reading about insulin resistance and diabetes, and I'm honestly confused about this disease and what it means. I'm aware that prediabetes and diabetes are a continuum, and the closer you are to normal the better, but at what point does it become incurable? I don't mean that it can be controlled, but more that your body can become indistinguishable from that of a nondiabetic. Is it right at the ada cutoff? The who cutoff? Somewhere before both? I've read that both of the aspects of diabetes can improve, that is insulin resistance and beta cell function. Primarily in cases of extreme weight loss. So then how is diabetes not considered a completely curable disease? I ask because I am pretty much "borderline" prediabetic. Here is some of my information:
I'm a 24 male, 6'5, 304 pounds.
I have high triglycerides (peaking at 190 in August 2021) I have impaired fasting glucose at the lab in the morning (104 mg/dl) (now 100 mg/dl) I had a borderline a1c in August 2021 (5.6) (now 5.2) I have high blood pressure
My fasting glucose over time:
2017: 100mg/dl 2018: 102mg/dl 2019: 99mg/dl Aug21: 104mg/dl Dec21: 100mg/dl
My highest weight was 363 in early May 2021. After that, I started slowly cutting back and losing weight. In the middle of July I started dieting pretty heavily with intermittent fasting and watching what I eat. In August when I had my first tests, I was 344. I've continued to lose weight but I decided to test my blood sugar. My blood sugar seldom goes over 120, but it has spiked to 139 after a sugary drink or a bunch of fast carbs, here's some measurements:
I ate 139 grams of carbs in the form of some Korean beef pasta, here were the results:
15 minutes: 106 mg/dL 1 hour: 108 mg/dl 2 hours: 94 mg/dl 3 hours: 112 mg/dl 4 hours: 108 mg/dl
I ate a 98 gram pure carb meal in the form of white toast with a bunch of jam and a small amount of butter, here were the results:
0.5 hr: 114 mg/dl 1 hr: 122 mg/dl 1.5 hr: 139 mg/dl 2 hr: 137 mg/dl 3 hr: 115 mg/dl
I don't believe I will know for sure what my risks are in the future, I'm just curious where that line is, and specifically, if I've crossed it.
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2022.01.26 14:31 karpetto Me pre vs post lockdown

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2022.01.26 14:31 wuki_fisch Regice on me 6724 6215 4461

Regice on me 6724 6215 4461
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2022.01.26 14:31 Human-Newt9271 "I'm a cucumber" - A meme from an Era before memes (2000)

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2022.01.26 14:31 Miserable_Amoeba8766 *not moissanite* but ya’ll helped with the CAD and I couldn’t leave you without an update!!

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2022.01.26 14:31 TravelGlittering1026 Who lives near mass

Does anyone live in mass and got moonrock or some fire shit ?
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