Let's Focus! We Will Grief It! - LEC Voice Comms Spring 2022 Week 2

2022.01.26 13:25 FantasyTrash Let's Focus! We Will Grief It! - LEC Voice Comms Spring 2022 Week 2

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2022.01.26 13:25 fistoffreedom ARSENIC ADDICTION - Tomb of Sleep (Official Music Video) Gothic Metal | ...

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2022.01.26 13:25 azzamnow Should I add this girl on social media (Facebook, Instagram)?

That would mean admitting I've been thinking about her, and that I searched her up on social media. There's something inside me that doesn't want me admitting that. Humans are so complicated. I really don't know what I should do.
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2022.01.26 13:25 CardButton New AST/Healer Question.

So I'm a very new healer, and decided to jump into the deepend a bit with AST. Loving the gameplay, getting hang of the cards, and I'm shocked how fast they level given how fast queue's pop. That said, I'm around level 50 now and I've noticed I've really struggled keeping the main tank up with certain W2Ws in some ARR dungeons. Even with the aided benefits of keeping Aspected Benefic and Helios on them, and even spamming Benefic II and Essential Dignity. I am by no means a good healer, still very shaky and fumbling, but am very much enjoying the Job and its mechanics so far. But, I feel like I'm missing something on heavy single target damage encounters like W2W for AST.
I'm well geared at 50, fully tombstoned out. So is W2W where I should be making the best use of say Synastry? Is there a Heal synergy between single target heals I'm overlooking? I know its a pain in the butt question, but any advice would be appreciated.
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2022.01.26 13:25 Born-Gur-2178 Here is my first short film, I hope you all can appreciate it

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2022.01.26 13:25 minecraft255 New project actually looks promising

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2022.01.26 13:25 torrben What do you guys think this could be?

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2022.01.26 13:25 Iammyown404error What's everyone's experience with having family over to help after baby's birth, and what do you recommend on timing?

FTM, 30w tomorrow, and have zero idea how things are going to be once baby comes. I mean one can research until theyre bleary eyed but baby will call the shots once he's here, and I've made peace with that lol.
My family lives in town and will likely visit immediately (adhering to all covid restrictions) but my partner's family is out of town and his mother would like to come down for a few weeks to help, whenever we feel it's best.
Our son will have a nursery set up but will sleep in a bassinet overnight next to us in the beginning. We plan on breastfeeding if it works out, although we are open to pumping so partner can also feed him, or formula to supplement if needed.
For those that have had family help, what's been your experience and what do you recommend on timing? At 39 years old, OB suggests being induced at week 39, so we may be able to plan around a specific date. We're just not sure if we should have MIL here as soon as we get home, or if it will even be helpful for her to be here right at the beginning.
Will MIL truly be helpful those first few weeks, or will we just kind of need to get a rhythm inside our own little family first? If not, do folks recommend family coming in after the first month? Or some other time frame? Lol I don't think they could stand waiting that long, but they are luckily super respectful of what we want and need 🥰
PS we've already let everyone know who is visiting that they need to be double vaxxed and boosted. We also plan to have rapid tests at the ready so if they come when we go into labor, they can test, hopefully be negative, and isolate.
TIA for responses here and your posts and comments in this sub in general. This has definitely been my go to place along this journey. Cheers to you mamas and papas! (Like cheers cheers though too. I'm not even a big drinker but I want an ice cold michelada SO badly lol)
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2022.01.26 13:25 lamboat2019 A catalog of Edson, Kansas, and their honorable efforts to revitalize the town

From 2011-2012 Jon wrote a series of articles on the city of Edson, KS. They are comedic gold. I have never seen a mention on this sub about these, so here are the articles in chronological order.
Edson, Kansas Submits A Bid For The 2015 Super Bowl
Edson, Kansas' Athletic Conference Makes A Bid To Lure West Virginia
Edson, Kansas Offers Assistance In The Recovery Efforts Of Shawn Bradley's Bicycle
Edson, Kansas Makes A Bid To Acquire Chris Paul
Edson, Kansas Releases Rejected Super Bowl Commercials
BONUS: Jon Released two videos into his channel in 2012 to accompany these. This is how I originally found out about this, and worked backwards into finding the articles
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2022.01.26 13:25 YoureFinallyAsleep Is it as bad as other countries

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2022.01.26 13:25 boylejc2 [O'Connor] Fletcher says (new assistant coach) John Torchetti is in COVID protocol. "You can't make this stuff up," he notes.

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2022.01.26 13:25 j3434 The Beatles' Revolver and a Half-Century of LSD (article 2016)

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2022.01.26 13:25 Specialist_Quail_694 Dm

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2022.01.26 13:25 Wonderful_Leather507 Made my first ever OC ! Her name is Aquila :)

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2022.01.26 13:25 instant_arrow Lady Gaga’s “mystery guest” partner for Variety’s Actors on Actors is Jake Gyllenhaal

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2022.01.26 13:25 GeekgirlOtt WsONE UEM - function to prevent Windows 11 update ?

Is there anyway using the MDM to prevent Windows 11 upgrade itself or prevent showing the update as being available on the updates page of an enrolled PC ?
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2022.01.26 13:25 UberMisty82 WealthSimple Code - 🇨🇦 New users get 2 stocks ($5 to $4500) sign up bonus. Start Trading Stocks or Crypto! 🇨🇦

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2022.01.26 13:24 Ivesy_ Buy or Rent in today's housing market

Hi all,
I am soon to be moving to Cornwall from Somerset in the next 1 and a half years with my partner. We are both 23 and I am moving down there because of work and she is moving because of Studies which makes it quite convenient.
I am wondering whether renting or buying will be better as we move down there. Renting is very expensive however so is the current housing market.
Our financial situation will allow us to comfortably rent a maximum of £1200, but is renting a good idea in the first place?
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2022.01.26 13:24 Equal-Mousse-1399 Who's interested in buying Aishah Sofey content, paypal only

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2022.01.26 13:24 Shinymodule https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ti-bjF269aI

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2022.01.26 13:24 IamGodHimself2 I Flew Katie Hopkins to Prague to Win a Fake Award

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2022.01.26 13:24 ManicPixieDreamGoth How do I Tell Her?

Dear Reddit,
TL;DR how do I tell my addict friend that I’m worried about her and it’s hurting me to watch her spiral out of control?
I am so stuck on what to do in this situation. I (F28) have known L (F28) since 10th grade. In the last 5 years we’ve become really close. She’s always been a firecracker, full of life, and so much fun. Until very recently, I really have regarded her as my best friend. Two years ago, I decided to turn my life around. I moved countries (USA to Europe), I have lost 100lbs (I was morbidly obese), I quit all the recreational drugs I was doing, and decreased my alcohol intake drastically. I currently have had a bf (M28) for 6 months and it’s been going really well. I’m so in love. Over the last two years I think I’ve really cleaned up my act and matured a lot.
Before I moved away, L and I used to be in a super codependent situation. I never had a lot of money so she would order Uber Eats for me, encouraging me to gain weight. I would allow her to smoke weed, drink loads of beer, and we would do other drugs together in my apartment. Her home life (according to her) wasn’t that great, and she often referred to my apartment as her “escape”.
L has always struggled with her self image, substance abuse, and mental health. So have I. My parents gave me an opportunity to move with them to Europe and turn my life around, so I did. When I left, L showed some promise and started to do an aesthetician course that her parents paid for. Her parents were ecstatic that she wanted to start something and do something with her life. She almost completed it but quit when she started having to take clients because it “gave her anxiety”. Ever since, she has been spiralling out of control. It was bad when we were together that’s for sure, but it is much worse now. L has always lived at home with her parents who she says are “annoying”. All I can see now are two really concerned parents just like mine. Since I left, L has gained at least 50lbs, has graduated from beers to hard liquor, frequently does cocaine, and is generally doing nothing with her life. She’s an insta model and has an account on an adult website (you know the one), but only posts old content from when she was slimmer to keep it afloat.
Things came to a head when my BF and I visited USA to see my family and friends that are over there for Christmas. I was so excited to see L. We hung out twice. The first time we went to Chilis and has an alright time. She got a little drunk and was flirting with the bartender but I wasn’t surprised because L often does this. I was really surprised to see how much weight she has gained. I feel bad saying this but she has really let herself go. L has always been rambunctious and bubbly but it was erring on obnoxious and embarrassing. She kissed me on the lips in front of my bf which I didn’t see as an issue but it made him feel uncomfortable as though it were “some kind of power play” to show him her dominance. He and I had a bit of an argument about it but eventually he let it slide and I thought he was being a bit of a drama queen. I was so happy to see her that I allowed her behaviour.
The second time we hung out was when things super hit the fan. BF (C) and I had planned to go to the mall which is a bit out of the way from where we were were staying. We borrowed the family car and drove the 30 mins to the mall area. There’s a place there where L and I used to always eat at and I wanted C to try, so I invited her along to spend some more time with her. The entire time L complained about wanting to go drink a beer or something. We tried to make it clear that we’d come to the mall area to do some shopping, but she twisted my arm (metaphorically) and practically begged us to go to a bar in the area. “C has never been to an American bar and I didn’t come all this way just to get lunch” she said (C is European and she lives 45mins away from the mall area). She convinced me that it would be a good time so I said okay, but for one or two drinks max.
We ended up staying there for like 4 hours, L took like 6 shots and was loud, obnoxious, and embarrassing. She constantly tried to get us to level with her by trying to order us drinks. She only talked about past drama, my ex, beating the shit out of some girl, and kept inviting her ex to hang with us. He is NOT company that I want to be around. Eventually we convinced her to go to the nearby Ross (discount clothes) with us which was on our list to do for that day. It was literally the only thing we were able to do as she refused to go into the actual mall because it has “too many people”. We drove behind her to Ross and she was swerving and stuff. We agreed that we needed to get her to sober up before she drove home. I picked a bunch of dresses and I tried them on super slowly doing a little fashion show for her and C. She was hooting and hollering, being embarrassing saying things like “OP you’re taking forever! I need another drink!”, and flirting with the fitting room guy. It was generally a very uncomfortable situation for C and everyone else. We parted ways after Ross, when I thought she was at least a little more capable of driving. L is the kind of person that acts all victimised and upset if you try and call her out on her behaviour, and I didn’t want any more drama, so I literally was like “bye, we’ll hang again before I leave!”, gave her a hug, and left.
In the car ride on the way home C and I agreed that the day was wasted and ruined by L’s behaviour. It was so sad for me because she’s my best friend and someone I care about deeply. We didn’t see each other again while I was in the USA despite her asking to see me several more times. I made some excuses but honestly I didn’t want to see her again because of her embarrassing actions. I am now back in Europe. She often texts me at hours that are weird for her (for example 3:30am her time) telling me she’s “so fucked up” and spouting drama about her exes, dates that she went on (they never go well and there’s always an issue) and whatever else is going on with her. She’s always saying “why won’t you come back”, complaining that she didn’t see me much during my visit, and making me feel guilty that I left her.
I really want to tell her that her behaviour was super out of line when I saw her, her actions are hurting me, the reason I didn’t see her again was because she was embarrassing, and she disregarded what C and I wanted to do over drinking in a dumb bar. She’s so out of control with her partying and drinking that it’s taxing for me to continue talking to her when all she has to report are her debaucheries. I am not trying to act all high and mighty but I’ve really turned my crap around and I don’t want her bringing me down anymore. I want to tell her I’m worried about her and I want her to seek help. The problem is that she isn’t ready to accept that she has a problem and is the kind of person that gets defensive and will probably stop talking to me if I tell her how I feel.
What do I do?
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2022.01.26 13:24 Chipokles Garmin Instinct Tactical GPS Watch Coyote$299.99 USD - 14% OFF

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2022.01.26 13:24 Danni_x0x0 L-Theanine for zoloft withdrawals?

Looking for some advice, I'm a 22 y/o female, have been on sertraline (zoloft) 50mg once a day for 4 months.
Recently decided that I was going to taper off it as it wasn't doing any good for me. Today is my 3rd day of tapering (went from 50mg once a day to 25mg once a day for 2 weeks then will be taking on alternate days for another 2 weeks).
I feel horrible - filled with anxiety, low mood and struggling to eat, the symptoms are similar to what I felt when I first started taking the pills.
I know you have to be careful around what you take with SSRI'S, does anyone have any experience of tapering and what helped with the uncomfortable withdrawl symptoms, my boyfriend has suggested L-Theanine and I had one this morning but not sure if there is a specific dose that would help me? Or if there are any other supplements / nootropics that could help.
(I'm in the UK so some things that are available in the US may not be readily available here)
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