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Warlord Build idea

2022.01.26 15:14 Isaacrod12 Warlord Build idea

I recently saw the battery and the blender video and was inspired to try a battery build that would work well in any team. This build does still do best with at least 1 rogue in the group.
What are your thoughts?
Any ideas to make this build better?
What kind of build would work best alongside this one? Preferably one that would be mounted on the Warlord.

Starting Stats
Race: Centaur (+2 STR, +1 WIS)
STR 17
DEX 10
CON 14
WIS 13
CHA 13
Level Progression
Level 1: Sorcerer 1; Proficiency in CON saves. Spells: Booming Blade, Green Flame Blade and Silvery Barbs.
Level 2: Order Domain Cleric 1; Proficiency in Heavy Armor, Voice of Authority (VoA) Class Feature.
Take Sorcerer levels for the rest of the characters progression
Level 4: Sorcerer 3; Metamagic: Twinned Spell and Quickened Spell. Spells: Vortex Warp
Level 5: Sorcerer 4; Feat: Crusher, +1 STR (18)
Level 6: Sorcerer 5; Spells: Ashardalon’s Stride, Haste
Level 8: Sorcerer 7; Spells: Polymorph
Level 9: Sorcerer 8; ASI +2 STR (20)
After Level 9, nothing is really NEEDED, grab what you like
- Sorcerer to keep best spell slot progression due to getting more sorcery points and spell slots to convert
- 2nd level in cleric to get channel divinity, use harness divine power to get more spell slots to convert
- 2 Level fighter dip, fighting style and action surge.
- A 3rd Level in fighter gives subclass, some good options are Battlemaster, Cavalier, and Champion are good options.

This build works best with a ranged rogue on in the group and you are a centaur so your DM should be okay with allowing another player to mount you. The mounted player can be anything really, it is helpful if they have the mounted combatant feat and a reach weapon like a lance or polearm. This would allow them to force attack to target them instead of you because you are on the front lines with a d6 hit die. The teammate should be fine taking the damage for you because as shown later you will be healing them constantly.
I chose centaur because Voice of Authority allows the PC to attack but doesn't give movement. If your friend is mounted on you, you are able to move them into a good spot and then trigger Voice of Authority.
You cant have more sorcery points than shown on the sorcerer table but you can have more spell slots than shown. Every morning convert most of your spell slots to first level spell slots. This allows you to cast healing word and silvery barbs more than you would normally be able to.
Your typical turn in combat will go like so
Round 1

  1. Move towards a melee enemy
  2. Action: Bless; triggers VoA allowing an ally to attack
  3. Bonus Action: Quicken Booming Blade; triggers Crusher feat, pushing the enemy 5ft away (even better if this crits because crusher marks them giving all allies advantage on that creature.)
  4. Move to a good spot for mounted friends turn
  5. Reaction: Silvery Barbs, target ally rouge with the advantage, this triggers VoA allowing the rouge to attack with sneak attack damage
Rounds 2-100
  1. Move towards a melee enemy
  2. Bonus Action: Healing word on mounted PC, triggers VoA allowing ally to attack
  3. Action: Booming Blade on enemy; triggers Crusher feat, pushing the enemy 5ft away
  4. Move to a good spot for mounted friends turn
  5. Reaction: Silvery Barbs, target ally rouge with the advantage, this triggers VoA allowing the rouge to attack with sneak attack damage
Additional Spell options
At later levels consider twin casting haste or polymorph (Trex) on allies
Vortex Warp is useful for putting an ally in a good spot and allowing them to immediately attack. This can even be twin cast for some cool shenanigans
Ashardalon’s Stride is fun and cool allowing you to sprint around the field leaving flames and not provoking opportunity attacks (this also does not provoke attacks on your mounted teammate because they are not using their movement speed to move)

Sorcerer Subclass note
I did not include a sorcerer subclass in this build, because none of the subclasses add anything that is really needed. Pick your favorite. Below I include some ideas
Aberrant Mind: Form a telepathic bond with whoever is mounting you, good for communication. Note that RAW Psionic Sorcery does not work with VoA because you are spending sorcery points, not spell slots. If DM allows it to work, this is by far the best option because you are now spending 1 sorcery point per spell cast instead of 2.
Clockwork Soul: This has good story connection, emphasizing bringing order to things and the subclass has some good support and team protection options
Draconic Sorcerer: +1 hp for level and +1 damage on green flame blade. This is meh
Divine Soul: Good story connection with cleric dip, good if you want cleric spell progression
Shadow Magic: Fun option, flavor Hounds of Ill omen as centaur warriors the warlord is able to summon. This puts more action economy in your favor
Storm Sorcery: The 10ft of flight would be cool to imagine your centaur warrior leaping through the battlefield striking foes and commanding allies. Except it requires a bonus action. Maybe swap healing word for cure wounds, cast Ashardalon’s Stride on yourself and then cure wounds on mounted ally for every other turn. He heals for more, you are more mobile, but now you don't have booming blade attacks so drop crusher and grab Heavy Armor Master
WILD MAGIC: The best for last, this is my personal favorite. You can gain advantage on booming blade hits, making them more likely to work. Your casting 2 spells a turn so wild magic can trigger decently often.
The best part is, this makes for a cool character story. Maybe the Warlord is still apart of the Order Domain cleric but he was cursed by a god of disorder, so as he tries to bring order to combat by commanding and healing allies, disorder occasionally spring up from his curse (Wild magic surge). So the warlord is adventuring to find a way to remove this curse.
Or, the warlord once served the order domain god, but he rejected them and was thus cursed with disorder by the god of order.

Additional Notes
If your DM allows it, Tasha's custom lineage also works very well. Grab the crusher feat and have a small ally ride you. This allows you to have 20 STR at level 5 instead of waiting until level 8. Downside is you only have 30ft of movement now.

X Sorcere 1 Order Domain Cleric
  1. Use Font of Magic to convert all spell slots to first level slots.
  2. Combo Crusher Feat and Booming Blade to hit enemies and knock them 5ft away.
  3. Use Healing Word and Silvery Barbs every turn to trigger Voice of Authority, giving 2 allies (Preferably Rogues) an extra attack.
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2022.01.26 15:14 symmy546 What would a terraformed, wet Mars look like? [OC]

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2022.01.26 15:14 pouga218 What’s something you do that you’re convinced nobody else does?

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2022.01.26 15:14 work_123 w1866917

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2022.01.26 15:14 NapoleoneInRags I'm a crossdressing bald straight man and I feel more insecure about wearing wigs than I do about dressing against gender norms.

I know you shouldn't allow the attitudes of others to get in the way of living your life, and I do my best to rationalize it in the way that works for me, but it really frustrates me that society puts in the conscious effort to be accepting and tolerant and celebratory of people living their truth and takes pains to not let people publicly shit on those who want to bend gender norms or do away with them entirely, but only if you're breaking the norms to do something all of society agrees is breaking the norm, as opposed to just trying to make your appearance look natural.
If I present as a normal cishet straight man and wear wigs/hair systems, when people find out, they behave as though they lose all respect for me, sometimes explicitly stating "Just shave it, you don't need to wear a rug. Be a man" etc. It's not even confined to the stereotypical conservative men, I hear it from women and gay men, too (not to say they can't be conservative, but they don't trend that way as a demographic in the way men do). But if I wear women's clothes and wigs, people treat it like it's a game or a hobby instead of an expression of personality. It also gets me that it's fine to shit on bald dudes in general, like, we find it bad taste to shit on fat people and that's something that most people can control, baldies are cursed and it's normalized that it's okay to mock them for it.
I just want to look like how I feel inside without people casting aspersions on my personality to do so.
I know, I reek of privilege, but it still sucks.
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2022.01.26 15:14 wilsonesque One interview can't destroy a movement

It does not matter what happened in that interview, or that the mods can't keep up with the explosion of posts (and hate). Lets be serious, antiwork is not the subreddit, is what people do.
Do you think a person can really destroy the whole movement? a subreddit cant change shit, even with millions of subscribers. It is a good place for inspiration, but that is it. If you want things to change, go out, join a union, join organizations in your area that do what antiwork preaches, hell, do as antiwork preaches! But don't tell me that an interview with a random person can end a movement. Don't tell me that a day of bans and deleted posts can take a movement down.
The movement is not a subreddit, is what you do everyday.
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2022.01.26 15:14 AAMCcansuckmydick M1 iMac high pitched whining sound is driving me crazy...

anybody know how to fix this sound?! I've called apple support 3 times now and they have had the surprised pikachu face each time acting like they have never heard of this issue. It's very frustrating to get work done with this sound in the background. They said the next step is to reinstall the software, but I'm not sure if that would change anything?
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2022.01.26 15:14 pbilliesTTV This clan is insane

What's your guys strats for it? for me I go bottom lore if there's a relevant tile first then > sharp axes > ship building > carpentry > military lores
I could see colonization being better. I like to mine iron first and take whatever double food you decide one, then gold tool, wood cutters. and I like to mine as much stone as possible and I take carpentry because stone just seems to fit so well in this clan (upgrade one or two foods on same tile with silo, same with wood cutters if needed). And then the upgrade on Shaman camps... +5% health seems insane especially with free healing. and also just gold. Clan overall seems OP as hell, basically free feasts, free happiness, free healing everything is just free if you balance it correctly and not to mention military is half off lol.
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2022.01.26 15:14 QueenZeon101 ROAR! I am a lion! Fear me and my bird, Aesir, for we are small!

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2022.01.26 15:14 Ello_eff CRESCENDO IS LIVE ON ALGOSTAKE!!!

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2022.01.26 15:14 scoobydooha The subreddit has 326,623 people subscribed which is the same number backwards

I think that it's neat :)
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2022.01.26 15:14 searchinforparadise Question when calling doctors???

Hi! Going off orientation soon so I’m prepping the best way I can I guess lol. I’m doing well on my skills and learning so much but the biggest thing I’m struggling with is getting ahold of doctors and who to call when shit goes south? I work nights so I’m always dealing with the covering doctors and those on call. If there IS something wrong-
Scenarios I’ve encountered: for example: low blood sugar and they have protocols ordered do I have to call to let them know?? If there’s a slight problem like high BP or low BS and I’m able to resolve it with standing orders I don’t have to call to make them aware right? What about peripheral cath associated phlebitis? Sometimes I’ll remove an IV and it looks slightly infected- would it even be appropriate to call the on call? What would they even do? Is that something to just pass onto day shift? I just feel bad finding something and not doing anything.
I’m definitely over thinking it but I just never know 🥲
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2022.01.26 15:14 Almostdeadbeat [H] Amazon Store Card(s) w/ Various Balances Available! [W] CashApp or Revolut

Amazon Store Cards!
Balances Available/Pricing:
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1-2 Years, Wait 7-14 Days.
2+ Years 7 Days.
Account Locked Out?: We Can Help! We offer FREE assistance to our buyers for any of type of "Hold/Lock Out" per amazon requesting additional information.
Purchase from someone else? Account Locked Out / Requesting Additional Info?
We charge a $20 fee for this service if you did not buy your store cards with us.
Usage Details / Partial Of: How To Use Amazon Store Cards Guide-
(The Guide Below, is only a VERY SMALL PORTION of the information we provide to you, to help you have the highest possible success rate while using the Amazon Store Cards)
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1). Use an aged account for high success rates.
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3). Wait 7-10 days with the card on your account, during these days browse amazon 15+ minutes a day, adding and removing things from your card and lists.
4). On the day of order, add your items from your list to your cart, do not add items straight to your cart.
5). Proceed with order as usual, but mark the order as a gift.
6). Enjoy your products.
7). Wait 2 days after the delivery to make another order.
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Email: []( (Email is checked periodically throughout the day. Minimum 2-3 Times)
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2022.01.26 15:14 CmdrLeSigh Beginner paddler question (s)

Recently purchased my first canoe. It's a Northstar trillium, it's super nice and light. Teaching myself how to keep it going straight and how to turn. I think I've got pretty good at doing the j strike after watching some YouTube, but apparently I'm supposed to roll the canoe on it's side to turn or pivot? Well I've ended up in the water a few times now after trying to pratice this. It's really cold out right now so it's prefer not to do that anymore than I have to! I can lean it till the water is about to the top of the tumblehome but if I go past that out sure gets hairy quick. Sorry if I don't use the correct lingo, but I really enjoy paddling it around so far. Oh and I found I prefer to kneel is that matters. I put kneeling drops on it if that matters?
Thank you 😊
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2022.01.26 15:14 carescarebear 40F, very little sun damage, but losing collagen fast due to testosterone treatment. Looking for product recommendations

The testosterone is helping me with pain and perimenopause (which was kicking my entire ass, and now is kicking only half of it), but it's also aged me incredibly quickly. Prior to this I looked really young for my age (noted by a dermatologist even!), so the change is kinda drastic, and I would really like for my face to stop drooping. I can't take oral collagen supplements or tremella (I am really intolerant to dietary glycine, for some reason), so for the first time in my life I need a skin care regimen. Help?
I have hyaluronic acid and retinol from The Ordinary, and I've been treating acne (thanks testosterone!) with those over the counter salicylic acid pads for teenagers, which worked pretty well until I had to up my testosterone dose. I'm just getting started on the retinol.
Anything you would recommend?
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2022.01.26 15:14 WallConsistent Headphone advice

Hello friends
I am planning to buy my first high end headphones
I shortlisted 2 planars
Audeze lcd x 2021 and Hifiman arya stealth magnet edition
Also I am open for other suggestions /alternatives I have budget upto $1600 max.
Pls help me to finalize. Thanks 🙂
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2022.01.26 15:14 Green-Jello-Farts Follow up. Original pic lightened. I see nothing

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